Joyce Theater

The Splendor of Restraint: Five Decades of Work by Lucinda Childs

By Suzanne Carbonneau

There is nothing more thrilling for art-goers than the moment of encounter with an artist whose work is so singular as to make us feel that we will never see art—or the world—in quite the same way again. This is what keeps even the most jaded among us going back to theaters and galleries: the idea that we will emerge different people than we were when we had entered.

That experience of transformation is, of course, a rarity. We can love art, we can admire it, even be awed by it, but not be fundamentally changed by it. That happens only with the work of artists who upend our assumptions about what art can do or be, about who we are or can be.

Lucinda Childs is precisely this kind of transformative artist.

Kate Weare Takes Aim with Marksman


We have watched Kate Weare’s work develop for some time now. Nearly a decade ago, when Weare won The Joyce Theater’s 2007 A.W.A.R.D. Show!, a contest developed to identify emerging choreographic talent, we took notice right away.

Since that time, her work has returned to The Joyce on several occasions. Weare has been granted three Joyce Creative Residencies, and in her most recent, she began to develop Marksman, which will be presented at The Joyce November 9 - 13.