Stephen Petronio Company


Stephen Petronio Company dives into its 30th Anniversary celebration with new work and a look back.  The Joyce’s first Artist-In-Residence, Petronio continues his adventurous collaborations in new music with two premieres: Stripped, a solo choreographed to music by Philip Glass and performed by Petronio, and Locomotor, a new company work to a commissioned score by electronic/hip-hop innovator Michael Volpe (aka Clams Casino).  Exploring extreme locomotive states, these works plunge Petronio’s virtuoso company through space in a high-octane remix of past, present, and future.  The program also includes a reconstruction of the luxurious Strange Attractors (Part I) from 1999, with original music by Michael Nyman.  Petronio’s work “surprises you at every ricocheting leap and pitched body flying off on a tangent…the effect is startling, as if time had been suspended.” Dance Magazine.

For tickets to the Gala on Wednesday, April 9, call 212-473-1660.

Program: Strange Attractors, Stripped, Locomotor
Performances are subject to change.