Joyce Theater


American Dance Platform 2018

ADP CURATOR: Christine Tschida

Works Performed:  Between the Lines and Super 8!

About the Company

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The Philadelphia Dance Company (PHILADANCO!) is a nonprofit organization that presents the highest quality of professional dance performance and cultivates the skills of emerging and professional dancers and choreographers in a nurturing environment, while increasing the appreciation of dance among its many communities. Across the nation and around the world, PHILADANCO! is celebrated for its innovation, creativity and preservation of predominantly African-American traditions in dance. 

With its home-base on Philadanco Way in West Philadelphia, PHILADANCO!  provides one of the nation’s most innovative and successful dance training programs. A myriad of company support systems and intensive trainings enable dancers to hone their talent and refine their technical skills. Often described as “a brilliant mix of miracle of skill, energy and artistry,” “fascinating and thrilling,” and performers with  “virtuoso  physicality,”   PHILADANCO!  dancers are among the best in the world. 

PHILADANCO!  is a company representing a history of “first” accomplishments. Building on this company tradition,  PHILADANCO!  laid the groundwork for the founding of  the International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD), which is a service organization that addresses the needs of the African American dance community in a supportive environment, and produces an annual conference and festival. 

Founded in 1970,  PHILADANCO! has a legacy of breaking barriers and building bridges across cultural divides, consistently performing for audiences of people from diverse communities. PHILADANCO! is recognized for its artistic integrity, superbly trained dancers and electrifying performances. Inherent in our mission is a commitment to empowering youth with essential developmental and leadership skills that facilitate achievement and success in the world of dance and everyday life. 

Funding Credits

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The Joyce Theater's American Dance Platform is dedicated to the memory of Theodore S. Bartwink of The Harkness Foundation for Dance.  Theodore S. Bartwink was a Joyce Theater Foundation Trustee from 1993 to 2014.

Major support for The Joyce’s presentation of the American Dance Platform has been provided by The Harkness Foundation for Dance.