Joyce Theater


American Dance Platform 2020

ADP CURATOR: Christy Bolingbroke

Work Performed: Carne Viva

About the Company

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Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre (RHDT) is committed to the creation and touring of world class dance theater that speaks to Miami's rich and diverse cultural community. Known for its dance and film work composed of striking imagery and visceral emotional performances, RHDT has helped redefine the nations's perspective of contemporary dance with a uniquely tropical aesthetic. Rooted in a deep commitment to collaboration, the company is composed of some of Miami's premiere performers ranging in genres from drag, theater, opera, breakdance, ballet, modern dance, and film. The company has also collaborated with a wide variety of artists, most recently being featured in the Walter Mercado documentary Mucho, Mucho Amor, which is currently being streamed on Netflix. At the helm of RHDT is Rosie Herrera, a Cuban American performer and choreographer whose movement background has its roots in urban dance and Cuban cabaret, and is influenced by her intense study of modern dance, opera, and improvisation. 

Latest Works

  • January 15 Piel Fiel Film Premiere (written, choreographed and performed by RHDT) at ScreenDance Miami
  • March Creative residency at UNR
  • March TBD creative residency Wisconsin
  • April Creative and Teaching residency at Cal Arts

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Funding Credits

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The Joyce Theater's American Dance Platform is dedicated to the memory of Theodore S. Bartwink of The Harkness Foundation for Dance. Theodore S. Bartwink was a Joyce Theater Foundation Trustee from 1993 to 2014.

Major support for The Joyce’s presentation of the American Dance Platform has been provided by The Harkness Foundation for Dance. 

Additional support for the American Dance Platform in 2020 was provided by a grant award from the National Endowment for the Arts.