Joyce Theater


American Dance Platform 2016

ADP CURATOR: Walter Jaffe and Paul King

Work Performed: LOVE, Act 1

About the Company

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Spectrum Dance Theater (SDT) was founded in 1982 to bring dance of the highest merit to a diverse audience composed of people from different social, cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Our principal objective is to make the art form of dance accessible through contemporary dance performances and high-quality training in a variety of dance styles.

Under Donald Byrd’s visionary artistic leadership since 2002, the organization has embarked on an exhilarating transformation that has attracted world-class dancers, produced some of the most ambitious works in contemporary dance, and generated local and national praise.

The dancers of Spectrum Dance Theater are a select group of unique dance artists individually chosen and trained in Donald Byrd’s singular approach to dance/theater – physically demanding and emotionally charged. They occupy the space where the classical, contemporary, intuitive, cerebral, visceral, right brain, left brain, control and abandonment converge. These are dancers exploring the boundaries of movement – inside and outside of the prescribed. They explore the known and the unknowns of movement with focus, enthusiasm, and a voracious appetite for the authenticity and the truthfulness of movement. They are virtuosi of a new order.


Funding Credits

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The Joyce Theater's American Dance Platform is dedicated to the memory of Theodore S. Bartwink of The Harkness Foundation for Dance.  Theodore S. Bartwink was a Joyce Theater Foundation Trustee from 1993 to 2014.

Major support for The Joyce’s presentation of the American Dance Platform has been provided by The Harkness Foundation for Dance.