Joyce Theater

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We condemn systemic racism and injustice at any level, and recognize the roots of our American cultures of dance and movement which derived from the creativity of Black people while enduring oppression. We acknowledge each and every artist, onstage and backstage, and the administrators and educators who have shared their work with us and have allowed our organization to benefit from the creativity and labor of the Black community.

We ask our non-Black audiences and communities to commit to educating themselves (see "Resources" tab) and to open difficult conversations about privilege, overt racial violence, and covert racial discrimination and bias, with empathy, intersectional approaches, and the intention to continue to listen and learn. We all must — and we at The Joyce will — engage in our own process of self-examination to acknowledge racism and white supremacism, and have the tools at our disposal to counteract it. We reaffirm our commitment to examining our internal processes and resourcing and the continued importance of anti-racism training within our organization.

We ask our followers and patrons, especially those who have benefitted from systems of white supremacy and white privilege, to donate to organizations dedicated to racial justice (see "Where to Donate" tab), and to provide any other resources within their means to community-led initiatives for the safety and well-being of marginalized communities.

Please join and #SayTheirNames on your social media accounts, in your homes, in your communities, and to your elected officials. We ask The Joyce community to unite with us in our call to address racial violence and to hold us accountable in prioritizing these actions.