Joyce Theater

The Joyce Theater Foundation assists professional dance companies in presenting their engagements at The Joyce by providing production, marketing, box office, and other necessary support.

Selected companies will receive the following support:



The Joyce Theater comes completely equipped with state of the art lighting and sound equipment. Complete technical information, including equipment inventory, stage plans, and lighting plot can be downloaded here: For week-long engagements, five stagehands, including a Head Carpenter, Head Electrician, Head Audio, Lighting Board Operator, and Stage Technician are provided for an 8-hour load-in, 8 hours of technical rehearsal, up to 8 performance calls, and a 4-hour load-out. Any additional stagehands or work calls that are needed are billed to the dance company at the prevailing rates.


Marketing and Publicity

The Joyce Theater will help to promote and publicize the dance company’s engagement through seasonal advertising, press releases, the Joyce website, social media, and group sales offers. Brochures are produced by The Joyce and mailed to 50,000–60,000 dance audiences in the New York area. The Joyce Theater Membership Program generates an average of 25% of ticket sales for each engagement. A small charge is deducted from the resulting ticket orders to help finance the marketing program. The Joyce provides the dance companies with a list of their ticket buyers.


Box Office

All ticket sales for the engagement will be expertly handled by the Joyce box office staff utilizing a demand-based dynamic pricing system that will help maximize revenue. Special features of this system include automatic accounting of each ticket sale by price, method of payment and source, sale of tickets according to a programmed plan for dressing the house, and up-to-the minute sales reports. The Joyce Theater Box office can receive orders via mail, phone, fax, and internet. The dance company keeps all of the net box office income with the exception of the small per ticket charge for member tickets.


House Staff

Building and front-of-house staff, including ushers, ticket takers, maintenance personnel, and bar staff, are provided for each performance.



Performance programs are also provided by the Theater.


Audience Engagement/Outreach Programs

In addition to the services above, audience engagement/outreach programs have been developed to help build current and future audiences for dance. Companies that are selected for the Engagement Assistance Program have the opportunity to participate in the following programs:

The Dance Education Program for Schools, developed in conjunction with the New York City Department of Education, this award-winning program provides an introduction to the art of dance to thousands of New York City public school students annually.

The Curtain Chat Series of post-performance discussions gives audience members the opportunity to ask questions and to better understand a choreographer’s work. The series has proven to be very popular with our audiences. Performances connected to Dance Chat events often sell better than any other performance by the same company.

Family Matinees feature some of our regularly scheduled companies in family-oriented programs, with reduced prices for children. This series is designed to build a family audience and to develop the next generation of dance enthusiasts.


For more information, or if your company is interested in participating in the Engagement Assistance Program, please contact Noa Rui-Piin Weiss, Programming Manager.  

Programming decisions are finalized nine to eighteen months in advance of an engagement. We strongly encourage interested parties to initiate contact well in advance.