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Travel with The Joyce to exotic places throughout the world with companions who share your love of dance. Excursions are led by a Joyce director, and exclusive perks like private meetings with artistic directors, choreographers, and dancers will make your travel experience truly unique.  Past trips include Cuba, Russia, France, China, Colombia, Sri Lanka, and many more.

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Havana, Cuba

December 14-19, 2021

Traveling to Cuba is a breeze with The Joyce Theater, and we have you covered with a full itinerary of Support for the Cuban People activities.  On this excursion, we will visit private dance companies, artists, craft markets, and restaurants, all while engaging with the people of this unique and colorful island.  Dance plays an important role in the culture of the Cuban people, making this the perfect opportunity for art and dance lovers alike!  For more information, please contact Katie Gorsky by November 15, 2021 at or 347-856-5827.

For more information about The Joyce’s Travel Program, please contact Katie Gorsky at or 347-856-5827. 

Traveling to Russia with the Joyce was (forgive the cliche), a dream come true and more. Seeing ballet on both the magnificent and storied Mariinsky and Bolshoi theaters would have been enough, but there was so much more history and culture — and cuisine. All was expertly guided by the fantastic team at The Joyce, complete with a Russian translator. The Grand Hotel Europa in St. Petersburg had become one of my top favorite hotels in the world. For my husband and me, the experience was an enriching intellectual experience as well as a whole lot of fun!

Liz Hartman

The Joyce Theater trip to Indochina was the perfect combination of urban chaos, rural beauty, wonderful waterways, heartbreaking history, peaceful people and spiritual awakening. Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia’s rich stories were conveyed superbly by Joyce Trustee Richard Ablon and an excellent collection of local guides. It was our third superlative Joyce trip. Heartfelt Thanks.

Bob Musiker

It was a trip that will stay with me for a lifetime. Traveling with The Joyce was especially wonderful as we were exposed to Cubans and Cuban dance in a way which otherwise would not have been possible.

Arlene Wysong