Joyce Theater

Join us in the lobby during intermission and/or after the performance for special activities designed to spark creativity, encourage dialogue, and provide lasting memories of the companies presented at the Theater.

Younger Students/Children 6 and up

Explore The Joyce!

Get to know The Joyce with with our theater-wide scavenger hunt! Download our step-by-step instruction sheet. Before the show or during intermission, follow the clues and complete the challenges your family. Claim your prize in our concessions area after the show!

Junior High School Students/Pre-Teens

You Become the Dance Critic

Develop your ability to reflect on and think critically about dance. After joining us for a performance at The Joyce, download this sheet for tips on describing your experience. Share your response with The Joyce’s Education Department.

Who Am I? What Am I?

Performances at The Joyce Theater involve more than the dancers on the stage. There are very important jobs behind the scenes that help make a performance successful. How well do you know what goes on behind the scenes? Challenge yourself with this quiz.

High School Students/College

Dance as a Form of Expression

Check out this video of Brooklyn-based street dancer Storyboard P using hip hop dance to express himself.
How do you express yourself? Using movement, sound, words, visuals? Maybe you use a combination of some or all of these.