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tanzmainz, the contemporary dance company of Staatstheater Mainz in Germany, makes its Joyce debut with choreographer Sharon Eyal’s Soul Chain. A work about love, longing, and the great loneliness that lives within, Soul Chain creates mesmerizing rhythmic unison, rooted in the soundscape of electronic composer Ori Lichtik. In Eyal’s signature style, created with the dancers of tanzmainz, the Der Faust award-winning production juxtaposes the group and the individual, revealing the intricate variations that arise in the pursuit of harmony and the power love holds over us.

Curtain Chat: Wed, Jan 25

Funding Credits

Special funding for The Joyce’s presentation of tanzmainz provided by the Executive Director’s Fund at The Joyce Theater Foundation, with support from Jessica Lang Dance, Inc.  Support for The Joyce’s presentation of international dance provided by the R. Britton Fisher and Family Gift for International Dance.

Ticket Prices

Tickets start at $10!

Call JoyceCharge at 212-242-0800 for $10 tickets. All other tickets can be purchased online.

January 24—28 The Joyce in Chelsea

Soul Chain by tanzmainz / Sharon Eyal

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