Joyce Theater


Linda Shelton

Executive Director

Ayo Janeen Jackson

Assistant to the Executive Director

General Management

Huong Hoang

General Manager

Katy Myers

Associate General Manager

Human Resources

Sharonica Williams-Littlejohn

Human Resources Manager

Christine Guglia

Office Manager


Kirsten Munro

Director of Development

Meg White

Director of Individual Giving

Jesse Chin

Associate Director, Special Events

Catherine Eng

Individual Giving Manager

Maeve Brady

Special Events Associate

Grace O'Brien

Development Associate

Jean M. Ross

Director of Institutional Giving

Brianna Anderson

Institutional Giving Manager


Danni Gee

Director of Programming

Noa Rui-Piin Weiss

Programming Manager

Barbara Domue

Artist Services Manager

Dance Education & Family Programs

Heather McCartney

Director of Dance Education & Family Programs


Dance Education & Family Programs Manager

Maia Virgil

Dance Education & Family Programs Intern


Andy Sheagren

Director of Marketing

Anjali Amin

Associate Director of Marketing Strategy

Olivia James

Digital Marketing Manager

Nadia Halim

Marketing Manager

Annie Marx

Marketing Assistant


Margaret Hollenbeck

Director of Finance

Savá M. B. Martin

Finance/IT Associate

Xavier DelValle

Finance Clerk

Jim Seggelink

Database Administrator

Information Technology

Patricia A. Yost

Director of Information Technology


Jeff Segal

Director of Production

Kelly Atallah

Lighting Supervisor


Technical Director

Sean Mullins

Head Audio

Kyle Hagen

Lighting Board Operator

Web Crittenden

Head Carpenter

Brittany Spencer

Head Electrician

Edward Hill

Stage Technician


Stage Technician

Joyce Theater Productions

Ross LeClair


Bridget Caston

Associate Producer

Ashley Kail

JTP Intern

Front of House

Samantha Fernandez

Senior House Manager

Lillian Cole

House Manager

Utafumi Takemura

Assistant House Manager

Chikako Iwahori

Assistant House Manager

Joseph Burke

Assistant House Manager

Kenneth Harlin

Assistant House Manager

Charis Lord-Haines

Assistant House Manager

Di’Shai Oquendo

Assistant House Manager

Nicholas Thomas

Assistant House Manager

Gilbert Balasa

Assistant House Manager

Box Office

Lisa Gendell

Box Office Manager

Vanessa Moton


Beth Miller


Jasmine Webb

Box Office Associate

Roy Odom

Box Office Associate

Yulidal Hernandez-Kin

Box Office Associate

Kiersten Foster

Box Office Associate

Tatiana Gomez

Box Office Associate


Lou Albruzzese

Director of Operations

Claire Westby

Studio Manager


Jimmy Ortiz

Facilities Manager

Madelin Estrella

Maintenance Staff

Yohanna Hernandez

Maintenance Staff

Pablo Rodriguez

Maintenance Staff