At The Joyce

We are excited to welcome you to The Joyce Theater!


Security and Bags

Upon entering our Theater, guests will be asked to comply with our bag searching procedures to ensure proper security measures. All guests will be required to provide a digital or physical ticket to be scanned for entry.



We invite guests to enjoy a beverage and small snack at our Concessions stand in the lower lobby. Any beverages brought into the Theater must be sealed.


Seating Policies

Late seating is done at the discretion of our Front of House staff. To minimize disruption during late seating, you may be directed to take a seat other than your ticketed location.

For select performances with no late seating, we will communicate with all ticketbuyers ahead of the performance.


In-House Theater Rules

The use of cameras, audio recording devices, and video recording devices of any kind during a performance is strictly prohibited. We request that guests silence their personal devices and refrain from using their phones throughout the performance. Our Theater is an intimate space, and any extraneous noise or light from personal devices can disrupt the viewing experience for others.

The Joyce Theater is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable viewing experience for all our patrons!


Lost & Found

Please contact Christine Guglia at or call 212-691-9740 Mon-Fri between 9:30am and 4:30pm to inquire about items lost and found.


Is your question not answered on this page? Please contact us at or 212-242-0800 for personalized assistance.