Joyce Theater

Luke Hickey

Performing at Chelsea Factory January 11-12


"Excellent in execution and entirely delightful" (The Fjord Review), Luke Hickey presents the percussive revue "A Little Old, A Little New". Directed and Choreographed by Hickey, the work accentuates the powerful synergy created when tap dancers and jazz musicians are in conversation, while offering an exciting array of historical and contemporary musical explorations.

"A true crowd pleaser" (BroadwayWorld), this high-energy & virtuosic evening of world class dance and music offers something for everyone, leaving the audience feeling further connected to the treasured American art form of Tap Dance.

The work features tap dancers Elizabeth Burke and John Manzari, pianist Liya Grigoryan, percussionist Charles Goold and bassist Mark Lewandowski.

"Whether in unison, in the round, or riffing off one another, the trio was extraordinarily tight with a marvelous swing.”

Kyle Marshall Choreography

Performing at Chelsea Factory January 14-15


With “a choreographic voice like no one else’s” (The New York Times), Kyle Marshall Choreography presents a mixed-repertory performance of works that find joy, history, liberation, and space in the dancing body.

The program features "STELLAR", a dance of improvisational scores inspired by Afrofuturism, the echoes of Free jazz and the particles of stars within us; Rise, a work inspired by the shout traditions of the Black church and the transcendence of club music; I & I, an ongoing exploration and affirmation of Marshall’s Jamaican body winin’ through depictions of hyper-masculinity, queerness and redemption. KMC will also present an excerpt of Joan, which tells the story of Joan d’Arc, a female warrior who is called by God to lead her army to victory against an occupying oppression. The French origins of this legend are reinterpreted to remember the history of the Maroons, Seminoles and other communities of revolutionary people who fought for their freedom against slavery and colonial rule.

A 2018 Juried Bessie Award winner and a 2020 Dance Magazine Harkness Promise Award recipient, Artistic Director Kyle Marshall sees the dancing body as a container of history, an igniter of social reform, and a site of celebration. He is joined on stage by performers Bree Breeden, José Lapaz-Rodriguez, Taína Lyons, David Lee Parker, and Ariana Speight, live sound collaborators Cal Fish and Kwami Winfield, and additional music by the Congos, Dawn Penn, Bob Marley and the Wailers, and Julius Eastman.

Adriana Pierce

Performing at Chelsea Factory January 18-19


#QueertheBallet presents its first full evening of work featuring existing pieces and world premieres. Helmed by dancer and choreographer Adriana Pierce, #QueertheBallet is an initiative started during the pandemic which aims to broaden inclusivity and representation in classical ballet, with an emphasis on community, connection, and the power of shared experience. With a focus on queer women and non-binary dancers, #QueertheBallet explores choreographic connections often absent from ballet stages and seeks to queer ballet spaces with intention, authenticity, and pride.

Featuring performances by Sierra Armstrong, Jennifer Florentino, Cortney Taylor Key, Fleming Lomax, Audrey Malek, Adriana Pierce, Devon Teuscher, and Remy Young and set to music by Joy Oladokun, Caroline Shaw, Julia Kent, and more, #QueertheBallet’s inaugural season is a culmination of Adriana’s work to date and a step towards a more inclusive ballet.

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

Performing at Chelsea Factory January 21-23


Calpulli Mexican Dance Company presents “Puebla: The Story of Cinco de Mayo,” a work conceived by Artistic Director & Co-Founder Alberto Lopez Herrera to honor the culture of his birthplace in Puebla, Mexico.

Folk and native traditions of song and dance guide audiences through the landmark events that led to the famous Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, and capture the undeniable Mexican spirit that is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo to this day.

In retelling its history through the eyes of Mexicans, Poblanxs, and immigrants, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company delves into the Mexican-American celebration of Cinco de Mayo and draws a line from the past to the present.