Digital Curtain Chat

L.A. Dance Project

In our latest Digital Curtain Chat, L.A. Dance Project Executive Director Lucinda Lent and choreographers Bobbi Jene Smith and Or Schraiber join us for a discussion with Joyce Marketing Manager, Nadia Halim.

As the company approaches its 10th anniversary, L.A. Dance Project returns to New York City with a dynamic program of works by Bella Lewitzky, Madeline Hollander, Janie Taylor, and Bobbi Jene Smith. Lent speaks to Artistic Director Benjamin Millepied’s vision for the program, and the expansion the company has undergone since its founding. Smith and Schraiber offer a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind their work, “Solo at Dusk,” which first premiered in 2020 and makes it stage debut here at The Joyce.

Video footage by Nadia Halim, Lorrin Brubaker, and Trevor Tweeten courtesy of L.A. Dance Project