The Joyce NYCC&D Rental Policies & Guidelines General Building Guidelines 

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in or around the building.
  • The Joyce reserves the right to show all studios and facilities to prospective clientele during operating hours. 
  • The Joyce reserves the right to enter any space at any time in case of an emergency or operational necessity.
  • The Joyce reserves the right to limit noise levels during performances or other events.
  • Propping any stairwell doors is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.
  • In the event of non-compliance with any general guidelines or studio rules, the Joyce reserves the right to immediately end rehearsals with no refund of rental fees. 


Operating Hours 

  • The Joyce NYCC&D is currently open Monday-Friday from 9am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday from 10am-6pm. 
    • The building may be requested outside of operating hours for an additional hourly fee. 


Building Accessibility & Accommodations 

  • The Joyce NYCC&D does not currently have a functioning elevator or ramp to enter the building.
  • A First Aid Kit is available and can be requested by renters at the front desk.
  • Wi-Fi is available and free to all renters.
  • The Joyce NYCC&D common spaces, including the artist lounge, artist kitchen and lobby area, are available for the comfort and convenience of all. 
    • Please limit volume and avoid rehearsing in common spaces.
    • The artist kitchen and vending machines are available for all to use at their discretion.
    • The refrigerator is shared and all items should be labeled with a name and date. The fridge is cleaned out weekly on Mondays.
    • Please keep common areas clean and be courteous to others using these spaces. 


Studio Rules 

  • Equipment requests should be indicated on initial rental inquiry forms for items such as tables, chairs, or rolling mirrors. We will do our best to accommodate your equipment requests.
  • Usage of props requires pre-approval.
  • No smoking or open flames.
  • No heavy or sharp objects on dance floors.
  • No substances including rosin, powder, or liquids should be used on the dance floors without approval.
  • Spike tape is permitted but must be removed before exiting the studio or at the end of a block-out rental. No other forms of tape should be used without approval.
  • Please handle any and all equipment with care and refrain from moving any furniture or stereo equipment.
  • Please note that studio temperatures cannot be individually adjusted at this time. If there are any pressing concerns regarding temperature, feel free to open any windows or speak to an operations staff member at the front desk.
  • Footwear: Hard soled/percussive, heels, and street shoes are strictly prohibited (character shoes permitted, provided they do not leave marks on the floor) in all studios except Studio 2.
  • Only water is allowed in studios. Meals and other beverages should be kept in the artist kitchen and can be consumed in the artist lounge.
  • Please return the studio to the state it was found in before exiting the studio.
  • In addition, before exiting please:
    • Throw out all trash and separate recycling.
    • Turn off stereo systems.
    • Turn off lights, fans, and AC units.
    • Close windows. 


Booking & Cancellation Policies 

  • All rentals must be paid for before the time of the booking.
  • Please pay as soon as possible, but at least 14 days before your first invoiced rental date. If your rental is within the next 14 days, you must complete payment within 48 hours of receiving your invoice or your space will be released.
  • You may change or cancel your rental up to 14 days before your rental date.
  • Cancellations within 14 days of your rental date will not be refunded.
  • Cancellations are to be requested in writing via email to 

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or inquire on-site at the front desk.